EMMEBI Impianti was established in 1977 as a workshop for mechanical machining using machine tools. It began operating in the electro-medical sector, the original working environment of the two founding partners. In a short time EMMEBI Impianti extended its operations to many other sectors, bringing its mechanical knowledge and potential everywhere. Industrial gas, chemical industry, textile machinery are its main application areas. In the early eighties it started an important partnership with an engineering company in Bergamo, which operated mainly in the cement sector. In 1991 this company was wound up and EMMEBI Impianti took over its customers, initially providing only spare parts for all the machines supplied and then designing and producing the machines directly. Today EMMEBI Impianti is ...

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Emmebi Impianti S.r.l.
Via Cascina Pace, 22/24
24050 Zanica (BG)
Telefono: +39.035.290244
Fax: +39.035.300485
E-mail info@emmebi-imp.it
Partita IVA n.02420020162