Thanks to its experience and range of products EMMEBI Impianti provides turnkey systems and machines for storage, reclaim, handling and batching of solid and powder bulk materials.

EMMEBI Impianti production includes conveyors, extractors, moving floor conveyors, bucket elevators, spill chain conveyors, weight-feeders, pendular valves, deviators, shut-off valves and makes the company a leading and appreciated partner in the various areas of application.

Materials and heat treatments are selected with special care to provide products with the best strength and wear resistance.

Furthermore it designs and manufactures support structures and service platforms according to the requirements of the customers.

EMMEBI Impianti products can be used in several industry sectors, including cement plants, lime works, quarries, mines, coal plants, recycling and energy recovery plants.

The customer is followed and assisted in the choice of the most suitable solutions and in the system management and maintenance during the plant life.

EMMEBI Impianti can also upgrade existing machines (in order to increase production or solve working problems) and provide mechanical spare parts for various machines brands