For more than 15 years EMMEBI Impianti is collaborating with BUZZI UNICEM, leader in cement production, based in Casale Monferrato (Italy), for his plants around the world.

In particular, EMMEBI Impianti designs and develops machines starting from BUZZI UNICEM know-how and produces them thanks to its technical and constructive ability.

This has allowed EMMEBI Impianti to further enhance its knowledge and increase its product range in the field of handling and batching of solid materials, in powder and lumps.

EMMEBI Impianti under Buzzi Unicem licence produces the following machines:

  • Rotary air locks, with flexible blades, single or double rotor, used for transporting and batching material between two environments having different pressure and/or temperature. They may also be used as reclaimers/feeders when mounted under silos or hoppers.
  • Weight-beltfeeder, for feeding and batching various materials, available in a wide range of capacities.
  • Beltfeeder, for extracting and conveying many types of materials. They can be equipped with weighing systems for the flow rate control.

Furthermore EMMEBI Impianti for Buzzi Unicem, produces Dynamic Separators type TSV (Turbo Séparateur Ventilé) under the multinational corporation Fives FCB licence (Villeneuve d’Ascq – France) up to diameter 3600 mm